MARGenomics supports researchers along all the processes of a biomedical research project, from experimental design and samples processing to data analysis and results interpretation.


MARGenomics consists of four different units, which work in a coordinated manner to support researchers and clinicians during the investigation process. The staff has experience working with complex samples such as low input or degraded samples, like FFPE samples. Also, bioinformatic and statistic analysis are performed in an integrative manner.

The Extraction Unit (EU) is in charge of obtaining RNA and DNA from different sample types (fresh blood, FFPE, swabs…).

The Laboratory Unit (LU) supports researchers by processing samples to obtain different kinds of omics data.

The Bioinformatics Unit (BU) handles all the NGS data processing and data analysis, participates in the experimental design and assists with results interpretation.

The consulting service on methodology for biomedical research (MBSU) offers support on methodology and statistics applied to biomedical research.

The facility integrates resources from both IMIM and Hospital del Mar and is closely coordinated with the MARBiobanc platform.

MARGenomics was accredited for working under high quality standards with the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate